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Property Management Services

Full Property Management Includes

  • Property Owner Meetings (in-person preferred)

- Liability Assessment of Property
- Introduction to Partnered Softwares
- Review of Management Agreement
- Rent Analysis Review

  • Marketing

  • Tenant Screening

  • Lease Preparation/Execution

  • Rent Collection

  • Repairs

  • Accounting

  • Quarterly Inspections

  • Pre-Move Out Inspections

  • Security Deposit Processing 

  • Court Action Assistance

Partial Property Management Includes

  • Option 1 ($750 + 20% of 1st mo.= finders fee)

- Marketing/Tenant Screening
- Lease Preparation/Execution

The property owner manages everything after the lease is executed, including the day of move-in, move-in inspection, collecting a security deposit, etc. 

NOTE: This does not include a Liability Risk Assessment of the property. That would be a highly recommended add on. 

  • Option 2 ($400)

- Individual inspections with Liability Risk Assessment, completed with our management team and a partnered NC licensed home inspector.

See Property Inspections List Below -

  • Home-Owners Move Out

Document the condition through photos and/or videos to ensure that management and homeowner(s) are clear as to the properties condition prior to tenancy.

  • Quarterly

We look for replacement of HVAC filters (dated), exterior and yard maintenance, plumbing leaks, and overall tenant maintaining the properties condition and honoring the terms of the lease.

  • Tenant Pre-Move Out

Prior to vacating we will assess what repairs & cleaning are needed & share feedback with tenants. This increases the tenant's likeliness of receiving a full refund & allows management to schedule repairs to reduce vacancy.

  • New Property

Before signing a property management agreement we will conduct a walk-through of the property and share feedback with the homeowner(s) of suggested repairs, liabilities, and where NOT to spend money.

  • Tenant Move In

Meet the tenant(s) at the property to provide them with keys, demonstrate use of property features, share with tenants key home maintenance tips and tenant responsibilities.

Management Costs

  • Management Fee

10% of Monthly Rent OR $150 if Rent is < $1500

  • Start-Up Fee


  • Professional Photos

$175 (Includes Aerials)
$300 (Includes Aerials and a 3D Walkthrough 
- available to be renewed in the future if the home becomes available to rent again, or you choose to sell

  • Commission (Tenant Locator Fee/Finders Fee)

$300 flat fee OR 20% of 1st month rent (recommended)

  • Tenancy Renewal Fee


  • Quarterly Inspections


  • Property Risk Liability Assessment


Front of house with garden
  • Rent Analysis


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